In the last couple of months, we´ve been working on an editorial design project, specifically, the latest issue of the Global magazine for the Williams & Humbert bodega. Apart from designing their magazines, we´ve been tasked with creating a series of visual content that will also be used for social media.

See the complete project, "W&H Global Magazine

Here at Neosbrand curiosity has led us to develop different types of projects, projects that can go from digital to print but what all of those projects have in common are that design and creativity are always present. This can be from online content that is directly being "consumed"  to projects such as these where the consumer can really take their time and truly appreciate the substance and work that has gone into it. 

At a time like this, where we spend more and more time in front of a screen, it makes us reflect on the value of design in other principles. Products such as magazines or packaging are more relevant and close the gap between product and consumer, especially nowadays where more things are being digitized. Perhaps it is just that during these weeks, we´ve missed a little more human contact and parts of our daily routine and therefore long for a closer connection with what surrounds us.