Brand Platform: The Path to Relevance.

October 17, 2023
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In the competitive world of branding, the concept of a "Brand Platform" emerges as a fundamental element in defining and solidifying a brand's identity. Recently, we shared part of the project we carried out for Señorío de Nava Wineries, where we initiated a strategic project for the conceptualization of the brand.

This project inspired us to delve deeper into the importance of thinking about a brand platform.

More than a mental space.

This concept represents the very essence of what a company wishes to communicate to its audience. It can be an emotion, a feeling, an experience, or even a universal need, but it must always be rooted in the brand's activity and its industry.

A point of coherence.

The brand platform goes beyond communication and transcends the products and services they offer. It acts as a guide in decision-making, from diversification to the launch of new products and services, content production, and communication with the community. All choices must align with this vision.

A space to compete and connect.

The brand platform is a space from which to compete and connect with what matters to the audiences. It is the starting point for building the brand's interior. Essentially, it represents this territory, and its clarity is crucial for a company to compete and connect effectively.

In a constantly changing world, brands are forced to adapt continuously to maintain their relevance. Promises and products evolve to meet new needs, and purposes seek to make a different impression in an ever-transforming society. However, the brand platform remains, facilitating decision-making.

Brand Platform and Señorío de Nava Wineries, "A Tribute to Excellence".

The strategy and conceptualization project for Señorío de Nava Wineries, focused on "A Tribute to Excellence," aligns perfectly with the concept of a brand platform. By defining and maintaining a clear and coherent brand platform, Señorío de Nava can effectively convey its commitment to excellence in wine production and connect with values cherished by its audience.

This brand platform will not only help them maintain consistency in their communication and offerings but also enable them to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market trends while honoring their legacy of quality and tradition.


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