There's nothing more important than the concept, especially in branding projects. It is a creative and strategic process where we go through several phases, starting with references and creating rough concepts and images until we reach a coherent starting point.


packaging design

Creating a clear concept gives us a clear idea about what we want to convey and helps us through the design phase.

Importantly, the concept must be inspiring and creative and at the same time able to send the message across with naming and identity.

Take Birral for example, one of our latest packaging projects. This was all about creating an identity for a new craft beer, the type of project we wanted to create for some time. From the beginning on it was clear to us that we didn't want to be "another" beer brand in an already saturated market.

That's why we decided to create a beer for those moments in which the evening is just starting to come alive, that's how Birral was born, the beer that starts everything after someone says "the last one and then we'll go", but everyone already knows that the evening is just about to take off.

Once we had the concept, we were able to work on the design of the packaging, where creativity and authenticity go hand in hand. So we designed the packaging following traditional lines, elegant but with fresh and soft colors that are inviting and warm.