Branding for startups, from the idea to the brand.

January 25, 2023
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In recent years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate in the development of branding projects for startups, helping entrepreneurs and organizations to shape ideas for new products and services, creating the foundations to build a solid and recognizable brand in the market.

In the initial stages of a project, there are many concerns that must be resolved, from the definition of the value proposition, how to satisfy the needs or the ways to connect with the audiences.


Is a branding project different for a startup?

As in each of the projects, when we work on the development of branding for startups, we approach them by applying a mix of strategy, creativity and design, to achieve a differential result and be relevant to those we are targeting.

For this, we mainly focus on two aspects, which will help, from the beginning of the project, to the scalability of startups, managing to go from an idea to being a recognized brand.

Finding your own brand personality.

By personality, we understand as the set of qualities and characteristics attributed to a certain brand, and that determine the way in which it relates to different audiences and behaves in the market.

Having a clear personality makes a brand what it is and helps a better way to present new properties or products, facilitating decision making.

Create a powerful visual identity.

Visual identity is the way in which a brand expresses itself visually. It is about creating a unique visual style, capable of reflecting the values and benefits of the product, services and history. By creating a coherent visual system at each touch point, you will help to differentiate and be recognized more easily.

In conclusion, thinking about how the brand should behave and express itself will help create a solid foundation, which will help create a more relevant connection.

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