Corporate Identity, the visual expression of your brand.

January 12, 2023
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Corporate identity is the way in which a brand, startup or organization presents itself to the market and transmits its value proposition. This identity is usually made up of a series of visual elements, such as the logo, fonts, iconography, illustrations… thus forming a unique and recognizable design system.

At Neosbrand, we have worked on the design of different brand identities, at very different times, from projects and startups that have not yet been launched on the market, to organizations or brands that need a review and order of the different elements, to stay up-to-date and correctly convey its meaning.

From our experience, as a branding and design agency, in the different identity projects that we have developed, we wanted to share some points to take into account:

Brand identity is the result of a strategic process.

When we design a brand identity, we must take previously defined aspects into account. How do you want to be recognized, what are your values, who are you addressing, etc. The corporate identity must be a reflection of the values and coherently express the personality and strategic positioning of the brand.

It must be consistent. Your brand must be recognizable.

Brand consistency means that it must be recognizable at all touch points, and across different channels. This also means that your brand is always in touch with its values and elements that make up the visual identity, thus creating a recognizable brand experience.

Use a corporate identity management system.

To ensure the coherence and consistency of the visual identity, it is important to create a management system, where all those elements that are part of the corporate identity are ordered, facilitating the management and implementation of the brand identity. We show you an example of one of the latest brand identities we have worked on:

Bunji Logo
Packaging Design
Corporate identity
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