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December 16, 2022
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We have recently launched a new editorial design project for the Williams & Humbert winery, where we have been working in recent months for the launch of the latest issue of their Global magazine, as well as a series of visual content, which would be the protagonist in the magazine and communication on social media.

An editorial project, where we think and take care of every detail, from the cover design, how the content is distributed and layout, to the selection of paper, to invite the reader to discover each of its contents.

Editorial Design
Editorial design project for W&H

Here you can see the complete project, "W&H Global Magazine"

From editorial design to network content.

At Neosbrand, curiosity has led us to develop different types of projects, where creativity and design are present, creating everything from content for social networks, digital platforms, to the editorial design of magazines for brands, who want to tell stories in a slower way.

Editorial Design
Editorial design project for W&H

At a time when we spend more and more time in front of a screen, it makes us reflect on whether the value of design in other disciplines, such as the design of a magazine or a new packaging, can have more relevance and closeness. the greater the digitization in which we find ourselves.

Currently, we find ourselves with a lot of ephemeral content, competing to gain attention on small digital screens, and with a multitude of impacts that end up distracting us. This is where an editorial project, like Global, becomes a perfect communication platform, where the brand can share stories that happen around it.


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