How Illustration can help in Brand Identity.

July 21, 2023
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At Neosbrand, we consider illustration a fundamental element in our branding projects. We firmly believe in its ability to effectively convey ideas and enrich a brand's visual universe.

Illustration plays a crucial role in telling a story and establishing an emotional connection with the audience. By combining images and graphic elements, we can communicate messages beyond words and evoke emotions in those who interact with the brand.

Illustration grants us the freedom to create images that capture the essence of a brand and convey its personality in a unique way.

Illustration Sketches for Oniti

Illustration for Brand Identity Illustration Sketches for Oniti One of the advantages of illustration is its versatility. It allows us to explore a wide range of styles and techniques, providing us the opportunity to adapt to the specific needs of each project and find the visual aesthetics that align best with the brand identity we want to convey. Whether we are seeking a minimalist and modern style or something more vibrant and organic, illustration enables us to bring our ideas to life in a visually appealing and consistent manner.

A concrete example of how we use illustration in our branding projects is the case of Oniti, a brand we recently worked with. In this project, illustrations played a prominent role in all communication pieces developed. From digital design to social media content, illustrations were used to convey the brand's essence and create a significant visual impact. Thanks to illustration, we were able to create unique and memorable images that reinforced the brand's identity and contributed to its recognition and differentiation in the market.


Illustration for New Brand Identity In summary, illustration is a valuable tool in the realm of branding. It allows us to express concepts visually, establish an emotional connection with the audience, and strengthen brand identity. With its versatility and capacity to convey messages uniquely, illustration has become an integral part of our projects at Neosbrand, enabling us to elevate our clients' brands to a visually striking and meaningful level.

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