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In the world of wine, brands play a fundamental role in the consumer's experience, as the history and origin behind each winery are essential to understanding the value and quality of the tasted wine. At Neosbrand, we …
July 27, 2023
Tagged: Branding · Design · Editorial Design · Strategy
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At Neosbrand, we consider illustration a fundamental element in our branding projects. We firmly believe in its ability to effectively convey ideas and enrich a brand's visual universe. Illustration plays a crucial role in telling a story …
July 21, 2023
Tagged: Design · Illustration
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At Neosbrand, we define ourselves as a branding studio, where we help different organizations, startups and entrepreneurs, create relevant brands, through the union of strategy, design and creativity. Each of these brand creation projects is the result …
February 7, 2023
Tagged: Branding · Design · Startups · Strategy
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In recent years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate in the development of branding projects for startups, helping entrepreneurs and organizations to shape ideas for new products and services, creating the foundations to build a solid …
January 25, 2023
Tagged: Startups
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Corporate identity is the way in which a brand, startup or organization presents itself to the market and transmits its value proposition. This identity is usually made up of a series of visual elements, such as the …
January 12, 2023
Tagged: Brand Identity · Design · Strategy
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We have recently launched a new editorial design project for the Williams & Humbert winery, where we have been working in recent months for the launch of the latest issue of their Global magazine, as well as …
December 16, 2022
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Since we started, we have always been open to collaborating with other professionals and agencies, this allows us to work on many diverse projects. (more…)
February 4, 2019
Tagged: Culture · Neosbrand
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There's nothing more important than the concept, especially in branding projects. It is a creative and strategic process where we go through several phases, starting with references and creating rough concepts and images until we reach a …
October 10, 2018
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Very recently we presented Birral, a new brand of craft beer for which we had the opportunity to carry out the global branding project, from naming to packaging design. (more…)
August 30, 2018
Tagged: Packaging


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