Bringing aquaculture closer to the new generations

At Neosbrand, we undertook the challenge of creating a digital platform that not only brought closer but also introduced aquaculture to the new generations as a key solution for the future of food. We were inspired by the need to educate about the importance of more sustainable, accessible, and natural nutrition.

Diseño Digital


With vibrant illustrations and a focus on simplicity, our design aims not only to bring aquaculture closer to the new generations but also to sow the seeds of a sustainable and mindful food future from an early age

Vibrant illustrations, innovative simplicity: bringing aquaculture to the future of food


At the core of our design are captivating and vibrant illustrations. Far from simply isolating images, we've created a comprehensive system. Meticulous color selection and perfection of shapes ensure consistency and effectiveness across various formats, providing an engaging and versatile visual experience.


We focused our design on simplicity, recognizing that the key to launching an educational digital platform for the younger audience lay in creating an intuitive and flexible design. We streamlined the digital platform's design to its essence, eliminating any superfluous content.


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