Señorío de Nava, A Tribute to Craftsmanship Since 1986

Señorío de Nava is a historic winery with a high-quality product that needed to conceptualize a brand platform that captures its personality, values, and history.

In a time where transience, immediacy, and speed seem to prevail, it makes us reflect on what truly matters and is beautiful, something that has always been present - that which is designed and created to endure and be passed down from generation to generation.

Art Direction


Creating a brand to transcend. Not just being a wine brand but becoming a source of inspiration for those who seek excellence and authenticity in what they do.

After a strategic analysis, we define Señorío de Nava as a wine brand that strives to inspire and transmit craftsmanship from generation to generation. Thus, the cornerstone upon which the brand will be built is born: A Tribute to Craftsmanship Since 1986.


The content was created as a brand activation tool through various digital channels, aimed at conveying the concept of 'A Tribute to Craftsmanship.' Each image captures the essence and quality of the winery, carefully tending to details, lighting, and composition to highlight the excellence that defines Señorío de Nava. These photographs are an invitation to discover the passion and dedication behind each bottle, enriching the experience of those who appreciate the art of wine


A Tribute to Craftsmanship will become a brand platform. A space from which to compete and connect with what matters to their consumers. A starting point to build the brand's core.



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