Terra by Cupa Stone

The Terra collection presents an exclusive range of eight premium natural quartzites and granites, carefully selected from global quarries. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary homes seeking natural, exotic, and above all, beautiful and functional materials, especially tailored for the kitchen.

Cupa Stone is a prominent company specialized in the extraction, processing, and distribution of natural stone, covering everything from slates and quartzites to marbles and granites.

Brand Identity


The strategic concept of the brand identity revolves around the idea of 'natural and functional elegance.' This narrative guides all design decisions, from the logo to the color palette and typography. The strategy aims to position the Terra Collection as a premium and versatile choice that is not only aesthetically appealing but also essential for modern lifestyles. Consistency in the application of these design elements reinforces the brand identity, creating a lasting connection with consumers and highlighting the uniqueness of the Terra Collection in the natural stone market.


The brand identity design for Cupa Stone's Terra Collection is a meticulous exercise that reflects the unique essence of the brand. Starting with the logo, the aim is to convey the fusion of nature and sophistication. By incorporating organic elements and elegant lines that symbolize the connection between the natural and the refined, it creates a distinctive and memorable impression.


The color palette is based on the range of natural tones present in the Terra Collection. Earthy tones, soft hues, and other colors reminiscent of nature are prominent, aiming to convey a sense of authenticity and connection to the earth. These colors are strategically employed to establish coherence across all brand touchpoints.


The identity of Cupa Stone's Terra Collection, with its distinctive logo, elegant typography, and nature-inspired color palette, captures the perfect harmony between natural elegance and functionality.



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