Relevance vs notoriety: keys in brand creation

February 12, 2024
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The distinction between relevance and notoriety is crucial to understanding how to build a strong and lasting brand identity. They are often mistaken as synonyms, but they actually represent different yet complementary aspects of brand strategy.

Relevance: connecting with the audience

Relevance is about being meaningful and pertinent to the target audience. It's not enough for a brand to merely exist; it must be relevant to the lives and needs of its potential consumers. Achieving relevance involves deeply understanding who these consumers are, what their desires, needs, and values are, and then designing a brand that resonates with them. This means going beyond just meeting the basic needs of the customer and seeking a deeper emotional connection.

To achieve relevance, brands must conduct thorough research into their target market, identify pain points and unmet desires, and create an authentic and consistent brand identity that resonates with those consumers.

Notoriety: building recognition and visibility

On the other hand, notoriety refers to the extent to which a brand is known and recognized. It is the measure of how present a brand is in the minds of consumers and is easily recognized in the market. Notoriety is crucial because without it, a brand may be overlooked even if it is relevant.

To increase notoriety, brands must implement effective communication strategies that increase their visibility, differentiate themselves from the competition, and maintain consistency in their communication and presence at all customer touchpoints.

The ideal balance

Finding the right balance between relevance and notoriety is the challenge in building brands. Successful brands are those that are relevant to their audience and at the same time are notorious enough to stand out from the crowd. It is this combination of relevance and notoriety that drives the success and longevity of a brand.

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