Gran Duque de Alba, the rebirth of a classic

In a world where the trend leans towards the new and avant-garde, reviving a classic becomes a fascinating challenge. The Brandy Gran Duque de Alba, with its legacy of tradition and elegance, has become a strategic project aimed at bringing it closer to a younger audience, without losing the essence that has made it a reference in the world of spirits.

Our goal is clear: to maintain the prestige that characterizes Brandy Gran Duque de Alba while presenting it in a fresh and appealing way to a younger audience. We want the new generation to discover and appreciate the timeless charm of this renowned brandy.

Art Direction


The strategy for the revival of Gran Duque de Alba is based on the fusion of the classic and the contemporary. Content created with a new aesthetic will be elegant, minimalist, and sophisticated, with a touch of modernity.

Art direction will play a key role in updating the brand. The new aesthetic will be elegant and minimalist, with contemporary touches. Rich colors and golden tones will continue to highlight the brandy's heritage, while fresh and current visual elements will appeal to younger audiences.


With an approach that embraces both tradition and innovation, we are confident that Gran Duque de Alba will continue to stand out in the world of spirits, attracting a new legion of brandy enthusiasts.



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